Every industry dictates its own model of customer relationships. We know how to incorporate it flawlessly into powerful CRM solutions with more business impact for:


A full view of your patient relationships supported with EMR/EHR integration for better, more informed service that keeps loyalty and patient engagement high and operational costs down.


Easy access to customer insights to help you personalize your offering, increase subscriber retention, and get the most of your upsell and cross-sell opportunities.


An efficient customer engagement toolset to support your omni-channel strategy and loyalty program across web, mobile, and desktop platforms.


Advanced customer profiling, sales planning and reporting solutions integrated with your enterprise systems and customer support channels.


Each of the CXM element described above will come alive under the guidance of our customer experience consulting team. They know how to unfold the CXM capabilities of the market-leading software platforms such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 (formerly Dynamics CRM) and Salesforce with the maximum impact on and compatibility with your business.
We deliver the full cycle of CXM consulting and platform customization services that include:

  • Business analysis & conceptual roadmapping
  • Platform customization
  • Data cleaning & migration
  • System integration
  • Maintenance
  • User adoption trainings

Accounting Services:

We are qualified accountants in india who provide Professional, Personalised & Prompt accounting services to serve your needs.

As an Accounting firm in india, we have a dedicated team to serve the needs of clienteles from a wide spectrum of industries ranging from Air-Conditioning, Airline Agencies, Automotive, Educational & Training, Food Industries, Freight Forwarders, Hardware, Insurance Agencies, Interior Design, Investment Holding, IT Industries, Jewellers, Manufacturing, MCST Accounts, Movie productions, Publishing, , Research & developments, Restaurants, Retails, self-storage business, Trading, Wholesales Etc.

Why us?

Most of the accounting firms in India provide typical accounting services whereby it is all about data entry of accounting records.

To differentiate ourselves from other accounting firms in India, we focus on the 3 areas below:-

  • We focus on helping our client to keep everything organised (i.e. we advise clients on how to organise their documents, and we share with them the excel templates, standardised processes, procedures and policies for their consideration).
  • We deliver not only accounting figures, we deliver business insight. We provide analysis on the business performance so as to empower you with the future business planning and navigation.
  • We help our clients to stay up-to-date with the latest developments of the Accounting Standards and Tax regulation.

We have clients who has been with us for more than 15 years and benefited significantly from our accounting services.

Are you having problem keeping a timely and accurate set of accounts? Are you experiencing issues with backlog accounts and probably the authorities is after you at the moment? Are you having issues with your auditor whereby the audit never seem to get completed? If you are, probably we are the right accounting firm to speak to. We have experience addressing those issues and we assure you that you can have a piece of mind by leaving the work to us.

Our specialisation

We are specialised in:-

  • Maintaining a timely and accurate set of accounts
  • Managing messy and complicated accounts
  • Clearing backlog accounts
  • Managing various Accounting Systems and Point-of-sales systems
  • Prepare Accounts in line with Accounting Standards

With our experiences, our clients would no longer have to worry about:-

  • Sudden Staff resignation
  • Inability to hire staffs and inexperienced staff
  • High Staff costs (i.e. Salary, Bonus, CPF, Levy, Training cots)
  • Non-compliance with Accounting Standards
  • Non-compliance with Income Tax and GST regulations

We are confident to deliver an accounting services with high Standards. Solid Accounting Function is one of the most important lever to fuel the growth of your business.

Our Services

We can close your accounts monthly, quarterly or yearly

We will deliver below accounting reports timely

  • Profit & Loss statements
  • Balance sheets
  • Trial Balance
  • Debtors ageing report
  • Creditors ageing report
  • Bank reconciliation
  • General ledger
  • Other reports as deemed required

We prepare the accounts according to the INdia an dIndia Accounting Standards and Companies Act.

Preparation and submission of GST Return (GST Form5) to IRAS

Provide consultancy and advice on your business performance, whereby you can get an independent opinion on the performance on your business operations.

We can advise you on how to keep your documents so that your documents will be neat and tidy. For our valued clients, we will also provide an excel template (designed by us) which is tremendously useful for the record keeping purpose.

Provide timely reminder on the relevant deadlines