We have delivered custom web and enterprise applications for various industries such as insurance, telecommunications, online advertising, document management, logistics and travel by utilizing some of the most popular software technologies viz. Microsoft .NET, Java, PHP,HTML,Azure and SQL server

C++ Development

C++ (pronounced C-plus-plus) is a general purpose object-oriented programming language based on the earlier C language. It was first developed in 1973 as a replacement for the original C language and C++ is a very popular choice among programmers due to it being a powerful and high performing language.


.NET has been in a state of flux ever since its release in 2002. While the .NET framework is currently in version 4.5, there are multitudes of applications that were developed in versions 1.0 and 1.1. As these legacy applications continue to be used in their original versions by enterprises large and small, the maintenance of these applications can be a significant challenge.


Java as a framework scales extremely well for both small business applications and enterprise-grade high performance systems. Our Java experts make use of this language by using its core features such as platform independence, re-usability, data-encapsulation and object-oriented approach to the fullest.


The true advantages of PHP are not just limited to low cost of ownership or robust platform to build applications upon. PHP is the platform that boasts of the widest and largest community of developers who are collaborating to create some of the most stunning frameworks that are free to use and customize. This helps us substantially reduce the time it takes to bring businesses to market.


Front end scripting languages are an essential subset of programming languages that perform specific functions within larger languages such as C# or Java. With the advent of HTML5, web application developers will have these scripting languages, particularly AJAX and Actionscript, incorporated in to the browser, as opposed to depending on 3rd party plug-ins.


The Android operating system led by Google is the most widely used operating system for smartphones and tablets. With more than a million device activations per day on the Android platform, businesses need to consider building applications for this operating system.

Database Development

MySQL, SQL server are a widely used, free and open source database available on a majority of web server installations. Known to be extremely fast and reliable, MySQL also finds extensive support in the developer community. In combination with PHP, the MySQL database is widely supported across operating systems and hosting providers across the world